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Local search strategies depend on bringing in customers
through your business, where 97% of potential customers
conduct local searches on the Internet


What services does ittana provide for e-marketing in local search?

  • We provide you with a complete SEO local positioning service which means that your business appears in organic results with geolocation or Google Maps.

Do you need to put local search on top of your marketing strategy list?

  • Optimizing your local search results is the perfect tool to boost your business in a specific place. For a national company that opens its branch, to present itself as a competitor to similar companies in the region. Small businesses can also benefit with surprising results The nature of smaller businesses often means they can struggle to compete with marketing campaigns with huge budgets by more established companies. Our local SEO team gives you a clear online visibility to reach customers.
  • Address of clients looking for services provided by your company. They can be just a few minutes away. They search on their mobile devices or companies that provide similar services for your company. Think about the last time you searched for something on Google, you might have included a site or display of Google map listings in the results, right? A large number of search queries on Google include a suburb, city, region, or country in an attempt to find local business information.
  • Local SEO strategies help you create first page rankings for all of the segmented geographic keywords for your website within a particular city, state, or country. As part of this service, we take care of appointments, reviews, places and improvement to put your website on the first page and among other relevant local guides.

As a local SEO specialist, we can help small businesses engage with big brands. Which translates into a smart local approach to better accessible SEO packages that help you position yourself on par or even more competitors with significantly larger budgets.

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By doing research to find out the demand for keywords in your market, you not only learn the words and phrases you will focus on with SEO, but also learn more about customers as a whole

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ittana is one of the best marketing team in the field of information technology,


Ittana is one of the best marketing agency in the field of information technology, we provides services (  digital marketing – technical consulting –   search engines optimization – design And graphics – and many other services)

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